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Ryerson University RTA 媒體學院 2018年度獎學金頒獎禮  

2018-11-30 (星期五)

今年11月20日,由 Ryerson University 舉辦的年度 RTA 媒體學院獎學金頒獎午宴上,加拿大中文電台 Administration & International Language Program Manager, Mrs. Esther Kwong 頒發 Fairchild Scholarship 獎學金給予本年度得獎者 Hanna Haug-Kindellan

自1998年以來,加拿大中文電台一直鼓勵廣播行業多元文化的發展。特意設立Fairchild Scholarship 為支持就讀Ryerson RTA媒體學院的學生,更加關心社區的多元文化及種族議題。

關於Fairchild Scholarship 獎學金的申請資格,可瀏覽:


Welcome to the 2018 RTA School of Media Annual Scholarship Awards!

On Tuesday, November 20, Fairchild Radio was at the luncheon ceremony to present the scholarship.

Congratulations to, Hanna Haug-Kindellan, recipient of the Fairchild Scholarship 2018.

Since 1998, Fairchild Radio has been encouraging the development of multicultural awareness and understanding among individuals entering the broadcasting industry.

This scholarship is based on an audio production that demonstrates multicultural awareness and understanding that has been produced as part of a course curriculum.


For more info on Fairchild Scholarship Application: