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Movie - 請你看好戲 《WONDER PARK》  

2019-03-18 (星期一)

Movie - 請你看好戲 《WONDER PARK》

留意 AM1430 電台節目, 贏取 《WONDER PARK》雙人入場券。門票在電影公映期間均可使用。

Listen to AM1430 for your chance to WIN passes to see 《WONDER PARK》 in theatres!

遊戲日期 Game Period: Mar.18 - 24, 2019.






本片英文配音卡司包括珍妮佛嘉納(Jennifer Garner)、馬修鮑德瑞克(Matthew Broderick)等;中文配音為擅長搞笑的兩位藝人阿達和張立東來為兩隻可愛又逗趣的河狸兄弟(蓋斯和庫柏)首度獻聲大銀幕。


Movie - 請你看好戲 《WONDER PARK》

Wonder Park

When June is a little girl, she and her mother create a model version of an amusement park. June's imagination comes alive as she envisions herself on all the rides. They even create characters who inhabit the park.

Years later, when June hits her teens, she's not as interested in things such as model amusement parks. However, when she goes for a hike in the woods, she discovers a car from a roller coaster hidden under some branches and vines. When she pulls the branches away and hops on, the car begins moving and she discovers she's in the exact amusement park she and her mother dreamed up, complete with all their beloved characters.

There's only one problem. The park is being overrun by cute but very naughty chimpanzombies. June decides to team up with the characters in an effort to clean up the park and make it wonderful again.