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五月新節目: Brenda 點唱機  

2020-05-03 (星期日)

五月新節目: Brenda 點唱機

五月新節目: Brenda 點唱機

資深廣播人盧業瑂是香港 80 年代紅極一時電台節目「6 Pair半主持之一。

節目內, Brenda 會播放無數精選靚歌、不分年齡界限、更為你讀出一個個至真至誠的點唱。


星期一至星期五 M-F: 11PM-12 midnight @ AM1430

《Brenda's Music Box》

Renowned broadcaster from Hong Kong,

Brenda was a member of the popular radio show in the 80s – “6 Pairs and a half”. 

Make a song dedication on her show and Brenda will pass the message on to your love ones on air.
Brenda will also share with you the latest trends on travel and food.


五月新節目: Brenda 點唱機