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Year-enders 新聞部特備節目「2019 大事回顧」  

2019-12-23 (星期一)

Year-enders 新聞部特備節目「2019 大事回顧」

經歷風風雨雨,走過高山低谷,來到 2019 的尾端。由加拿大中文電台新聞部製作的歲末特備節目「2019 大事回顧」12 月 23 日至 1 月 3 日逢星期一至五,為你回顧過去一年的頭條新聞。

AM1430(粵語):8:30am 新聞點題後、 6pm 黃昏新聞專輯及交通後 

AM1430(國語):7am 新聞後、7pm 新聞後

作為前奏,我們從 Instagram 搜羅了一些照片和視頻和大家分享,你可還記得以下對安省、加拿大、甚至全世界影響至深的重要事件?

Now we are at the end of 2019, let's look back at some of the significant news that caught our attention this year.  From Dec 23, 2019 to Jan 3, 2020Fairchild Radio News Department will air a special presentation "2019 News Year-enders Report", stay tuned.


多倫多猛龍 Toronto Raptors 首次贏得 NBA 總冠軍,締造了加拿大及 NBA 的歷史。

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10 月聯邦大選自由黨勝,成少數黨政府。

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瑞典環保少女 Greta Thunberg 爆紅,被時代雜誌選為「年度風雲人物」

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有 850 年歷史的巴黎聖母院大火,塔尖及屋頂倒塌。

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Un incendio masivo en la catedral de Notre Dame en París devastó gran parte de la iglesia de 850 años. El presidente Macron informó que quiere reconstruirla en 5 años. .

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日本明仁天皇退位,德仁皇太子繼位,成為日本第 126 代天皇。

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June 9, 1993 – Wedding of Crown Prince Naruhito of Japan and Masako Owada, married at the Kashiko-dokoro, the Shinto shrine of Amaterasu, the Sun Goddess, on the grounds of the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, Japan Masako and Naruhito, met at a tea for Infanta Elena, Duchess of Lugo in November 1986, during her studies at the University of Tokyo. The prince was immediately captivated by her and arranged for them to meet several times over the next few weeks. Because of this they were pursued relentlessly by the press throughout 1987. Despite Masako's travelling to Oxford University's Balliol College for the next two years, Naruhito remained interested in her however, she refused to marry the prince because it would force her to give up her promising career in diplomacy and severely restrict her independence and freedoms. She finally accepted his third proposal on 9 December 1992. The Imperial Household Council formally announced the engagement on 19 January 1993. The wedding took place on 9 June the same year at the Imperial Shinto Hall in Tokyo before 800 invited guests, including many of Europe's heads of state and royalty, and an estimated media audience of 500 million people around the world. Masako suffered emotional stress due to the pressure of providing an heir. Her first pregnancy was announced in December 1999, but she miscarried. The couple’s only child, daughter: Aiko, Princess Toshi was born more than eight years after their marriage, and sparked lively debate in Japan about whether The Imperial Household Law of 1947 should be changed which would allow a woman to succeed to the Chrysanthemum Throne. A government-appointed panel of experts submitted a report on 25 October 2005, recommending that the Imperial Succession Law be amended to permit absolute primogeniture. However, plans to change the male-only law of Imperial succession were shelved Masako's brother-in-law and his wife, Prince and Princess Akishino, had a son, Hisahito, who is third-in-line to the Chrysanthemum Throne.

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中共建國 70 週年,盛大慶祝。

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昨天这个真是太厉害了 #china #newchina70years

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